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Past few months, India’s minority population has been peacefully protesting against the recent laws, passed by the current Indian government, that discriminate on the basis of religion and may deem minorities like Muslims and Dalits stateless. These recent amendments to the Indian Constitution are leading the world's biggest democracy from secularism towards Fascism. 

Voice of Indian Population especially Minorities

Minorities across all India were deeply concerned about their potential loss of their existing citizenship rights. 
Hence, the whole country has been witnessing organized marches and peaceful protests which have been attended by millions.
There were congruent peaceful protests in many cities across the world as well against these unconstitutional discriminatory actions of Indian Government.
Many US and Foreign legislative bodies have issued resolutions condemning these draconian laws.



Click for : Cambridge and Seattle City Resolutions article

Reactions of Ruling Party members and their partners

Most of the ruling party leaders promoted hate through their speeches and instigated Hindu Nationalists to engage in unspeakable atrocities against minorities in Delhi and Gujarat. 

The police under the leadership of Modi and Amit Shah, have not only used unprecedented brutal force, failed to maintain law and order but also joined forces with civilian goons and Hindutva RSS militia to reign terror and destruction of property of predominantly Muslim minority population.

Many lives have been lost, properties burnt and destroyed, places of worship desecrated and burnt. Media outlets like BBC reported and documented these activities clearly. 

The instigation of Riots

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Police Incompetence and Involvement

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Current Situation

Ruling Party has no regard for the minority lives since it does not fit into Hindutva/RSS ideology of making India into a Hindu only Nation. This ideology spews hate openly and unabated into the minds of BJP followers and hijacks them for committing grievous inhumane crimes.

These acts and the brutal treatment by BJP/RSS are continuation of a consistent, sustained and systemic campaign against minority communities are similar to what has been seen in times of WW2 Germany, the tell tale signs of Genocide in the making. The Hindutva ideology is similar to the Nazi Hitler ideology that we Americans are well aware of. RSS Shakhas or cells are now spreading all over the US; there are 3 in Metro Detroit Area itself. 

Worldwide condemnation and solid actionable sanctions are required to put pressure on the ruling party to stop focusing on sectarian politics and work towards the betterment of mankind. 

For more information contact: Masood Rab, Telephone: (313) 207 6000   

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